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Hi, I’m Char (short for Charlotte). Explorer, book and blog writer, I am an extremely clumsy British girl with a love of adventure; both written and real.

My travels have seen me ask and have to find the answer to many questions abroad. I write destination-specific guides based on my experiences, offering itineraries and stories for travellers and dreams alike.


I started writing a book series 4 years ago and my love of writing spiralled from there (see my author site for more information). I later began writing blog posts for clients, working for an incredible company (big thank you to ECS).

Life happened. Everything changed, except my writing. I used to crave a white picket fence life, but these days four walls don’t feel like home and I question the traditional path of life that society advocates.

I have a bucket list that is ever-expanding. I’ve learnt a lot in my twenties and my “by the time I’m thirty” list keeps me motivated. Because I may be lucky enough to live a long life, or I may die tomorrow. As Gandalf said:

All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.

There is a lot to travelling. It is easy to imagine the wind-swept moments, blissful sunshine or glistening expanses of snowy landscapes. I am beyond grateful for every day that I am blessed to experience the world. I also like to be honest about the challenging aspects of travel.

– The Planning That Goes Into It

– The Stress When Inevitably Things Go Wrong

– The Fear

– The Financial Implications

– The Sacrifices & Life Choices You May Have To Make

There are very few things in this life that are perfect and that truly belong to you. I take comfort in knowing that one of the few things in this life that are one hundred percent my own are the memories I make.

My Bucket List

Before I Turn


Bucket List

Bucket List