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Where I Went To In Thailand (2023)

    I was fortunate to spend almost two months in Thailand. During that time, I visited quite a few areas. I give more details on where I went and what I did in each destination, but below I have outlined a general impression and overview of how I personally found each location, the good and bad, and why I would return to each of them.

    Places To Visit in Thailand


    The Hangover was a very amusing depiction of Bangkok. The city really does have a life and wild energy of its own. I was quite ill for my first two weeks in Bangkok (I must have caught something watching the famous New Year’s Eve fireworks display on the XYZ bridge!) so I had 10 days of recovering in an absolutely out-of-this-world hotel before the activities really began for me. The nightlife, restaurants, massages and general vibrancy of this city are unique to anywhere else in the world I’ve had the pleasure of visiting. I would gladly return, though my lungs did struggle with the intensity of the air pollution there. It would have been hard to say no to the excitement of riding a Tuk Tuk around the city at nighttime though – a bucket list item I never knew I needed until it was done and I felt the thrill of it. A wonderful city; Bangkok is a city that truly never sleeps.

    Chiang Mai

    It was very hard not to fall in love with Chiang Mai immediately. The fresh air of the mountainous region was strangely countered by its generally higher temperatures. Some areas of Chaing Mai were buzzing, giving you a post-Bangkok fix of energy, whilst other parts of Chiang Mai were peaceful and simpler. Although the north is generally more populated with jungle, raising the risk of Malaria, Chiang Mai hosts every facility you could need as a traveller or ex-pat in Thailand (unless you consider a beach to be a necessity). If I were to living in Thailand for any long stretch of time, it would have been Chiang Mai that won as the location to move to. That, or….

    Koh Yao Yai

    What an island. Mopped rides, romantic meals, classic cocktails and smiles-galore. Island life is simpler, with little access to the kind of facilities that you would find on the mainland (such as extensive medical care, and shops for anything more than basic clothing options). However, I cannot express the tranquillity of my stay on this island. My body and soul breathed a sigh of relief, healing from a lot of exhaustion and stress from the previous year. This island is a sanctuary for those looking for time to heal, space to grow, and the opportunity to embrace the gift of nature. Koh Yao Yai has a special place in my heart for these reasons.

    Patong Beach, Phuket

    I had not planned to visit Patong, or Phuket in general. I had heard from so many travellers I met around Thailand who found it to be too touristy, too busy and (in various ways) lacking what they had hoped to experience in their journeys around Thailand.

    Unforeseen circumstances arose (turns out iPhone 14’s are only waterproof for so long and do not survive salt water in general). Phuket hosted the closest authorised Apple provider, so on the boat we went and our time in Patong began. Patong beach was what kept us there. We woke up early, stepping out for sunrise, and inspired by the other walkers skirting the coastline from one end to the other, we took a walk. The walk back was significantly busier, with quite a lot of people renting sun-loungers, swimming, posing for their Instagram accounts and hiring jet skis. It was a shock to my system to go from absolute stillness on the island to what was essentially Bangkok with a beach. The air was cleaner than in Bangkok due to the coastal breeze cutting through the pollution fumes, the shopping and facilities were plentiful, and suddenly there was access to absolutely anything you could want from Thailand. Phuket is larger than Koh Yao Yai, and there are a great many places that are quieter, more peaceful, and less touristy. With regards to Patong Beach, this place is for the energetic and beach-lovers.

    There are still many places I have yet to experience in Thailand personally. I suppose it simply calls for my return for more adventures!

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