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Why Visit Thailand?

    Imagine a place where kindness is abundant, nature is embraced and every need is catered for, Thailand is a unique country, diverse in its regions but rich in its ability to offer visitors whatever it is they are seeking.

    You hear many stories of people who travelled to Thailand as part of a life-changing journey; some healing from past experiences, many soul-seeking and some simply needing some escape from the lives they live.

    Embracing people of all genders, skin colours, temperaments, cultures and religions is so integral it is given little thought here. A core belief of Buddhism is that all creatures are equal. Though there are plenty of Christians, Muslims and many faiths in Thailand, there is palpable respect for visitors and ex-pats in this country.

    Story Time

    I was excited, but unsure, about visiting Thailand. My Mr had been a few times before and absolutely loved it. He has excellent taste so its a struggle to doubt him, but I had a very strange image in my head created by a blend of cliche images of the country;

    • Ladyboys
    • Happy-ending massages
    • Terrifying prisons
    • Romantic beaches
    • Longboats sailing to wild islands
    • Far too much delicious food to maintain my strategic weight-loss

    All of these things are true in Thailand. The country is famous for its ladyboys. The prisons are terrifying. Plenty of places offer you a happy ending to conclude your massage experience. There are also many, many non-sexual incredible massages available in Thailand. The beaches can be very romantic – but some can also be fairly chaotic. Longboats are awesome (in my opinion), and there are many of them. My vision of Thailand was evoked by many cliches and little depth. The more stories I heard about the people and places, and the more I read, the more I wanted to experience Thailand. I was not let down.

    This wonderful country has so much to offer if you are willing to embrace the journey. Mine was one of self-discovery, romantic bonding with my love and chaotic events that taught me a lot about life, and about myself. What will yours be?

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