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Where I Did Not Go To in Thailand and Why

    Some places I simply did not have time for, and some I was not so keen to see at this particular time. That is not to say that those places are not absolutely worth a visit; they just did not sound like the held much of what I was looking for on this occasion visiting Thailand.

    Where I did not see as I ran out of time:

    Chiang Rai

    Although remote, Chiang Rai hosts some of the most exquisite mountainous locations in Thailand.

    Where I did not go by choice:

    Phi phi islands

    A very popular location indeed, and not one I knew much about before arriving in Thailand to be honest. My impressions of Phi Phi stem for meeting a wide range of travellers who took a day trip there and promptly left, for various reasons. The number one most common reason being that it was absolutely packed with drunk, partying tourists. If you’re looking to party in Thailand, this is apparently the place for you. Though Phi Phi hosts one particular item from my bucket list (visiting the glowing plankton on the beach at night); I am not one to seek out crazy parties. I’m more of a “tripped and fell into a wild night” kind of person, and generally prefer the less tourist-centric parts of the world (though there are a few exceptions).

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